• Treatment of diseases of the female reproductive system

    Treatment of diseases of the female reproductive system with natural methods based on comprehensive changes in lifestyle and nutrition. The only way to reach a definitive cure mycosis, ovarian cysts, abnormal menstruation, fibroids, etc., Without annoying their recurrence.

    According to Chinese medicine as the imbalance in the female genital organs is a reflection of blocking energy in the pelvis. In order to maintain balance in the body, it is necessary to avoid such blockages of energy, as well as retention / blocking the circulation and the flow of lymph. Until it can be reached excessive intake of raw foods and dairy products, which bring cold in the body. Naturopaths advise in the colder months to provide more body heat – through cooked, hot meals and clothes that better protect the waist and hips, legs and arms. The woman must be protected from moisture and cold, especially in the days of the menstrual cycle when the body is more vulnerable. Suffering from gynecological diseases ladies need to improve and physical activity. Regular sport (2-3 times a week) helps to regulate the hormonal balance. More traffic and perform exercises of Chinese medicine to regulate the energy meridians can radically inverted picture of the disease.

    To restore the hormonal balance

    Every centimeter less around the waist is more health, say naturopaths. In diseases of the female reproductive system (polycystic ovaries, endometriosis, etc., Associated with hormonal imbalance) should pay serious attention to visceral obesity (abdominal), which is associated with metabolic syndrome. From this tissue further secrete hormones and metabolites that imbalances in the body and maintain inflammation. Metabolic syndrome affects many young women to him de facto available insulin resistance and the risk of developing diabetes is immediate. Metabolic syndrome is one of the main culprits for polycystic and other reproductive problems.

    Appropriate program to improve metabolism in visceral obesity and metabolism is a combination Dr. Schüssler salts, on the recommendation of the German naturopath and therapist Dr. Schüssler Angelica Volfskiyl: №3 iron phosphate, №6 potassium sulphate, №10 and №12 sodium sulfate, calcium sulfate. Admission is a 5-10 a tablet by any salt dissolved in water. May be administered every day alternating one salt (or a salt thereof, for 7 consecutive days). Along with the application of this therapy is mandatory and the reduction of calorie intake as the combination has a strong effect on metabolism and intensive feeding can be obtained even counterproductive.