• Exercises for adjusting the energy

    More tips for eating at problems with metabolism by German naturopath:

    There should be no snacks between meals.
    It is very important change of diet – breakfast is the most abundant and calorie meals during the day and dinner to be taken at least food quantity and calories.
    It should stop using any confectionery.
    Intake of oily, heavy meal at night suppresses the liver and colon hinders the activity of the stomach and intestine and disrupts the production of melatonin. All this interferes with normal sleep and consequently impede the regeneration of the body during the night.

    Exercises for adjusting the energy of the meridians in the body

    These exercises regulate Chinese medicine meridians responsible for energy balance and health of the body. It should be made daily, may be in a different time. Each exercise begins with the exhalation is performed 5-10 times without tension.

    Meridian of triple heater. In Chinese medicine, so it called meridian responsible for the status of three areas: the lung and heart, abdomen and pelvis. The energy flows through them in a specific way and violation of the energy flow from the top down are obtained blockades in the pelvis. Typically then unfold diseases such fibroids, endometriosis and inflammatory processes. He sits on the floor with crossed kpaka and patse, taka flashover dyacnata paka ea cochi to kapachkata na left knee and vice versa. Bend forward to the ground and then standing.

    Meridian stomach. Exercise for the meridian of the stomach is very simple. We sit on their knees tyaloto e izppaveno, patsete ca vdignati nagope. From tova polozhenie ce backwards as far as possible to get. It is not obligatory to lie on the floor. We return to the starting position. Stomach meridian passes through the tops of the nipples in both ovaries and descends. When there are violations in the meridian energy block and back as it is manifested by pain in the pelvis, with the development of diseases of the female reproductive organs and other symptoms. Daily performance of this exercise may improve ovarian function and help their treatment of existing problems.

    Meridian liver. This exercise can easily be done even in the office, sitting behind his desk. Ratsete hvashtat ce ce nad glavata and ppavi naklon nalyavo and nadyacno. It is enough to do it a few times, enough to stretch. Liver meridian is directly related to the uterus – in Chinese medicine uterus is considered a second “liver” in the female body.